Professional Services


Mantis Security provides purpose-built security solutions that safeguard some of the nation's most sensitive information assets. Our security consultants work with data owners and system developers to provide modern security approaches in systems architecture and security engineering while maintaining the traditional cornerstone of information assurance. Our solutions balance security and functionality objectives to ensure that your sensitive data remains well-protected while empowering users to focus on mission accomplishment.


We believe that information security practices must pervade throughout the systems development lifecycle. Security solutions architecture begins with project initiation and asset classification, and continues throughout requirements analysis, systems architecture, and implementation to produce a well-reasoned information security foundation, grounded in risk management practices and modern security controls. Please click for more information on our Security Solutions Architecture services.


At Mantis Security, we know that Information Assurance (IA) is far more than IT and network security. Business critical assets, customer PII, and human lives may depend on protecting sensitive information. Our adaptive risk management practices help your security management team, from executives to engineers, effectively respond to the risks and security challenges of your rapidly evolving mission.  Please click for more information on our Information Assurance services.

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